Hotel FAQs

How does work? is really simple and easy to use. We feature your property on our site. You allocate a certain number of rooms to sell through us. A customer can then book your property either online via our website or call centre. We facilitate the booking by taking the customers personal information and credit card details . We forward the details of the booking to you. We do not take a payment from the customer, we simply take their credit card details to secure the booking. The customer then pays you directly on arrival or departure (depending on your policy). We then invoice you for commission on this booking. You only pay commission on bookings already received for the previous month.

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How will I maintain my listing?

You maintain your listing via your Hotel Extranet. See below for details.

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What is the 'Hotel Extranet'?

Your Hotel Extranet is a platform through which you can manage all of your dealings with Through your Hotel Extranet you can submit images, write your hotel description, add special offers and update your rates and availability. You can view all incoming and previous reservations. You can also view all your invoices from, and keep on track of payments.

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Who updates my information/hotel listing?

Accommodation owners are responsible for managing their own content. This includes the properties descriptions, room notes, facilities, maps, directions, photographs, and most importantly, rates and availability. All this content is easily managed through a Hotel Extranet.

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Where will be selling my property?

We will sell your property on the website, alongside Please see below for a further explanation of these sites. We are also the accommodation provider for TUI fly, and will be selling your property via over 1, 500 affiliate sites and to our corporate clients. is one of the world’s biggest online hotel booking sites, with over 60 million unique visitors every year. Showcasing your property via will allow you exposure to thousands of customers visiting the site every day, not to mention will boost your listing in major search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN.

A listing with will also increase your online exposure via channels such as website and newspaper partnerships, including Channel News Asia, CNN Asia and can be updated via the extranet, meaning you get advertised on multiple websites whilst having to only update one rates calendar.

As with, customers have the choice to book their accommodation online 24/7 or if they prefer to hear a voice, via the call centre 7 days per week.

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Which searches will I appear in?

Our unique mapping system ensures you appear on only the relevant searches to you. Once plotted on the map - as long as you fall within our radius - your property will appear.

Our search facility takes into account everything from regions and postcodes to nearby attractions. If you're based in London, you can even be searched via neighbouring tube stations.

Alongside location searches, your property can be searched by the type of property it is (i.e. Bed & breakfast, apartment, boutique hotel) the star rating, guest rating a total price per stay.

There is no limit on the number of keywords you can appear on.

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What's the time period for uploading rooms?

At, we operate a flexible booking window allowing you to upload availability from the very same evening to up to a full year in advance.

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How can we contact you?

Our Hotel Support team are available to assist you Monday to Sunday between the hours of 09:00 to 18:00. They can be contacted via telephone on +44 (0) 844 774 2005 or via email on Our Hotel Support team will assist you with any enquiries you have about your listing such as rates, hotel description and uploading images.

The Hotel Relations team are available Monday to Friday between the hours of 09:00 to 17:00. They can be contacted via telephone on +44 (0) 844 774 2006 or via emails on Our Hotel Relations team can assist you in any additional marketing opportunities.

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Who can help me with my account? provide a dedicated multi-lingual Hotel Support team happy to assist you with any questions you might have regarding your property listing.

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Who can help me generate more bookings?

For any enquiries about additional marketing opportunities for your property, our dedicated Hotel Relations team are available to answer any questions.

For more specific advice, we have regional Market Managers operating in London, Scotland and the north of England who can give you information on market share and industry trends. You are referred to the Market Managers through the Hotel Relations team.

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Can I achieve a high search result for being a new property?

No, we operate a fair algorithm which looks at a number of different factors including accounting, discount and availability. You are not given an advantage for being a new property.

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How can I achieve a high search result?

There are various amends you can make to your property listing to achieve a higher listing in our search results. Find out what you can do here.

You can view how your property is faring in the algorithm in your hotel extranet.

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How do I update my rates?

Rates are quickly and easily updated through your Hotel Extranet. You can update your rates up to 12 months in advance. We support most rate types - be they room types, room configurations, special offers or package deals.

We also work with the major distribution channel managers - so if you use a channel management tool, find out if you can update through it.

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Do I have to give an allocation?

You can work with on either a Freesale or Allocation basis. Please note out allocations are flexible, and so you have complete control over the number of rooms you allocate to us.

There is also an option to use 'automated referral'. More information on this can be found on this here.

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What's the difference between Freesale and Allocation?

Freesale is where we simply continue to sell your rooms until you close out a particular date. Allocation is where you allocate a certain number of rooms to be sold through Beyond this, we cannot sell any more for you. We can also offer automated referral giving you even more flexability. More information on this can be found on this here

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I'm only a small property - do I have to guarantee allocation to

We advise you to give a small allocation. A small allocation would increase the number of bookings you receive, as it would ensure you are online bookable and have good prominence on searches.

Small properties can also take advantage of automated referral. More information on this can be found on this here

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How do I set an allocation and close out?

Allocation is updated through your Hotel Extranet. You can set an allocation for an individual day, a specific day of the week (for example, if you are very busy on say, Thursdays, you might wish to set a lower allocation on Thursdays) or for all foreseeable dates.

Closing out is equally as simply. You just need to click a single button to close out a day's availability.

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What's automated referral?

Introduced to allow mainly smaller properties to give's customers a chance to book online - automated referral gives customers the option to submit reservation requests, that are then later confirmed.

Customers can process a booking outside of reservation opening hours but the confirmation is delayed.

Hotels are notified when a request has been made and are given two hours to action the request via an interface in the extranet. Approving the request automatically converts the email enquiry to be a confirmed booking and the guest is notified via a booking confirmation

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How do we receive payment from the guest?

We will send you a fax with the customer's card details on to secure the reservation. The guest then pays you on arrival or departure, depending on your policy.

We will only send you one copy of the fax, so you must keep it safe. You can however, request another fax to be sent - but this will not have any payment information on it. This is done through your Hotel Extranet.

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How do we pay will invoice you monthly, for the previous month's bookings. You can pay by BACS, cheque, Direct Debit or Credit Card.

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What fees do I have to pay

We don't charge booking fees, administration fees or any other fee for that matter. The only thing you pay is commission on bookings received.

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What if I want some additional marketing on

We can offer a number of extra marketing opportunities such as Hotel Ads and Special Offers, to drive even more customers to your listing. Hotel Ads, are easily created by yourself. Special Offers are added and maintained in your Hotel Extranet. More information on how you can market your property can found within your Hotel Extranet.

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Do you offer any reporting services?

Yes, we offer a number of reporting services. You can review reports on room sales, commission and revenue earned. There is also a report informing you of how your listing is faring on our site's algorithm.

Alongside our reports, you can view details of all arrivals due to your property, and information about accounts and payment.

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For more information please take a look at our About Us, Hotels PDF and Contact Us pages.